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Grow Your Own Teachers Program
The Grow Your Own Teachers (GYOT) Program provides financial assistance in the form of a forgivable loan to individuals selected to participate in the program. The purpose of providing this financial assistance is to allow program participants to complete their undergraduate degree in a high needs area of teacher education, with the ultimate goal of receiving their teacher certification and working as a teacher in the Fort Zumwalt School District.

The GYOT Program identifies individuals who will be graduates of the Fort Zumwalt School District and who are interested in pursuing careers in teaching areas of high needs. Components of the program include financial support, seminars, work experiences, mentor support and job placement upon successful completion of all requirements for teacher certification and criteria of the program. Applicants must submit a completed application packet prior to the deadline in order to be considered.

Fort Zumwalt School District has experienced tremendous growth since the 1990’s and with this growth comes the need of additional teachers. Simultaneously, the teacher “shortage areas” identified by the State of Missouri continue to worsen for several certification categories. The GYOT Program will raise awareness and assistance among Fort Zumwalt students wanting to pursue a career in teaching. It will provide development and leadership opportunities for these students and also increase the number of quality teaching candidates for these hard to fill areas in the Fort Zumwalt School District.

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The application deadline has been extended until Sept. 30

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